How To Create A Good Online Dating Profile For Women

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Creating your first online dating profile can be a little intimidating at first. You look at the long list of questions asking you to blow your own trumpet, and you start to wonder what on earth people are going to think of you when they read it! The keys are to make sure you don’t come across as either a big head or desperate! So how do you get this right?

Here’s how to make your dating profile stand out above the rest, portray you in a good light and avoid making some of the biggest mistakes women make with their online profiles.

How To Get The Most Mileage Out of Your Online Dating Profile

Ask a Friend To Help Youonline dating on a mobile phone

Asking a friend to assist you with your profile can be a great way to get an outside perspective away from all the noise and turbulence of your head. Having a fresh perspective on things can help you to get the right message across. Make sure you choose a friend that knows you well as this will help you to get an accurate depiction of yourself.

Let Them Know You’re Sociable

Social proof is always a good thing, in any walk of life. Letting a guy know that you have a good circle of friends helps to demonstrate that other people like you. You can even do this without stating it, simply by putting a few pictures of you with your friends on your profile.

However, DO NOT make the mistake of putting a group picture as your profile picture. It needs to be clear to guys looking at your profile that YOU are the one the profile is about. It can be very annoying for guys to have to ask which one you are. Some guys may even pass your profile by in they are not sure.

If you have social interests, then take the chance here to harp on about them for a brief sentence or two.

The Profile Pic

This is quite important to get right! As mentioned earlier, make sure it is evident from the picture that it is YOU in the shot. A good tip to note is that studies have shown that profile pictures of some action shot, such as rock climbing, ice skating or playing a musical instrument have proved to get more messages from viewers, even if the person’s face is not clearly visible in the picture.

Avoid Negativity

Throughout your profile, you want to avoid coming across as negative and especially don’t be negative about yourself. Writing your profile in an upbeat manner can be quite attractive whereas the opposite is a turn-off.

Honesty is the Best Policy

100% don’t lie on your profile. If things start to develop with a guy you met through your online dating profile, then he is going to get to know you sooner or later, and those little fibs always come back to bite you in the ass! Some people may think a little white lie here and there can do no harm. However, when the guy finds out that you weren’t truthful, in the back of his mind, he will be starting to think that you are not 100% trust-worthy.

The same goes for your profile picture. Don’t put a picture of yourself from ten or fifteen years ago or a picture of yourself when you were size eight if now you’re a fourteen in the hopes to get more dates. This always backfires at the first meet-up, and your date won’t appreciate it.

Keep Your Profile Updated

Keeping your people regularly updated with new and exciting stuff will give you more opportunity to demonstrate the beautiful and interesting things about yourself. It will also show frequent viewers of your profile that you live an interesting and active life.

Smile, Don’t Pout

Studies have shown that people find pictures of people far more attractive if they are smiling. Avoid putting in photos, a lot of guys just find it annoying, not sexy. To find out what other things women do because they think it is attractive but men actually hate, click here.

Short and Sweet Works Best

If you give away too much info too soon then you leave nothing left for them to wonder about you. You want to say enough to get them interested, but only so much to create a little intrigue and give them a few cues to ask questions about you.

Here are some more tips to help you with your online dating profile.

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