The Biggest Mistakes That Women Make With Their Dating Profiles

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two lovers holding handsGetting your online dating profile right is certainly not an easy task. It pays to put careful care and attention into every part of your profile. Think of it this way, before you go out for a night on the town, you want to look your best and will most likely take every opportunity to look your best. The same applies to your online dating profile.

With your online profile, you want to turn yourself into the kind of woman that every man is fighting for online and make your profile highly attractive.

While both men and women make a lot of mistakes when it comes to getting your profile right, there are a few big no-no’s that are particularly applicable to the female profile.

Your ‘Special’ Requirements

It is fairly common that women seem to think it is ok to put a list of requirements of what the guy should and shouldn’t be like on their dating profile. The same goes for putting a list of what a woman is looking for in a man.

Ladies, this is a big no-no as a huge amount of men are put off by a large list of all the things he needs to live up to. Listing too many of these things will only make you come across as too choosy and fallacious.

Try to avoid the mistake of putting superficial qualities such as stating that the guy must have good dress sense, be rich, chivalrous and so forth. First of all, this can make you come across as shallow and secondly, these things don’t have anything to do with relationship suitability and being able to have a great relationship with someone.

Most men just don’t bother to read a whole profile and the ones that do will likely just skim-read your list. The ones that do read it will most likely not see themselves fitting in with your demands and move on to the next profile.

Your profile should be the place to demonstrate your beautiful and excellent qualities, not put a list of demands and wants.

The more appealing you can make your profile then the more likely it is that you will attract guys and intrigue them enough to contact you.

No To the Clichés

A huge number of online profiles are littered with clichés. If you can avoid doing this, then you will stand out amongst the others for your uniqueness.

Clichés only demonstrate a complete lack of originality, and they can be just downright off-putting.

Having Misleading or Confusing Profile Pictures

Having a misleading profile picture that shows you as you were ten years ago or 50lbs lighter than the present day will only cause resentment on the first date, so just be honest and put your real, present day photo.

Many women also make the mistake of putting a picture of themselves with about five other friends. Um, hello, guys don’t know which one you are! Many guys will just pass by these kinds of profiles and not even bother to find out.

Too Little Info

Not putting enough information about yourself is also letting your profile down, big time.

Everyone knows that men are highly visual and enjoy the sight of a pretty woman. For about 95% of men, your photo collection on your profile will be the first thing he’ll look at.

However, just having your photos is not enough. Most men, unless they have serious issues, look for and are attracted women who come across as happy, upbeat and good natured. You need to let them know that you are also all those things, that you have a life, are interesting, have valued thoughts and opinions, and you are an interesting and fun person to be with.

Looks aren’t everything to most men, so they will also want to know something about you. As for the guys that are just interested in looks, well, do you want that kind of guy contacting you?

Here are a few more mistakes that women are doing on their online profiles

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